amalgame magazine – interview with ee12

ee12 x Amalgame Magazine from Amalgame Magazine on Vimeo.

☰ We have not finished to talk about Danish Lifestyle here! We’ve met Pernille et Amalie, designers of ee12, thanks to Camilla Schousboe (Nordkraft). Mother and daughter, sensitives to the ecological cause, chose to found an ideological brand honouring a suistainable way of consumption. Freed from seasonal trends diktat and with a unique collection expanded during all the year, every piece is designed with care and quality materials, which make them perennially fashionable standards. If working on wool for summer would be absurd for some of us it’s not a problem for ee12 ; give the power to the customer to choose better and for a long time is their leitmotiv : interesting !

♦ AM. Amalie, you are working in France and Pernille you are in Copenhagen, is it a good way to work?
A & P. There are definitely challenges by having this distance, but it also creates opportunities and it gives us a wider view to the rest of the world. We make these workshops in either Copenhagen or Paris where we really work intensively together, and that is what makes it work.

♦ AM. After a cool showroom at the Superette in Paris, what are your futures plans for Ee12 ?
A & P. We would love to expand ee12 to other big cities, such as New York, Milan, Madrid. And maybe expand the products itself, maybe one day we are doing children’s clothing, or men’s clothing, or interior design.

♦ AM. Amalgame’s team is fond of Danish Lifestyle and plans to go on holidays to Copenhagen this summer, do you have some cools spots to advise us and our readers?
A & P. Copenhagen is great during the summer. You should definitely go toCopenhagen Street Food at The Paper Island (Papir Øen). And The Meatpacking (Kødbyen) is great for dinner as a night out.
♦ AM. Thank you.

♦ AM. If you have the power to teleport you, where would you like to be ?
A & P. Exactly where we are now, just with higher income that opens for bigger opportunities, no stress and tons of energy to see friends and family some more.

♦ AM. What is your favourite song? And the worst song which make you feel guilty to like it?

Amalie. I  has a thing for these soul/r&b power ladies, such as Tracy Chapman, Lucy Pearl, Lauren Hill. Also, we are super into the danish artist Marie Key, she has something unique over her. And the song that right now makes us guilty to like, is Adore You – not the song it selves, but the artist; Miley…  (do we have to say more.. shh…

♦ AM. What is your last madness?

A & P. to start ee12..

♦ AM. To finish, can you make us a drawing?